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Norfolk bat removalBat removal and control in Norfolk, Virginia is something that we do on a daily basis, we specialize in all types of bat removal and Bat Control, We are the most complete bat removal company in the entire state of Virginia.

We have been serving the states of Virginia and West Virginia for over 25 years, providing such services as Bat exclusions, Bat Guano cleanouts and Bat Studies. We have technicians in Norfolk, VA to assure you a representative of our company is close by at all times.

Norfolk, VA Bat Exclusion

We provide bat exclusions throughout the area of Norfolk VA, we are one of the only local companies that have met the Bat Standards that are put in place by the National Wildlife Control Officers Association. These standards were put in place to assure that all companies that have this certification has the ability to perform a bat exclusion in a safe and efficient manner. Bats are a very beneficial animal and great care should be taken when dealing with these animals. If you have a company at your home that does not have a bat standards certification, then you should keep looking for someone who does.

Animal Control Solutions has 3 members of its exclusion crew that has taken and passed the bat standards classes. This is very important to your homes wellbeing and the safety of the bats. A poorly executed bat exclusion could result in the death of hundreds of bats inside your home.

Norfolk Bat Guano Cleanup

Guano cleanup is the step in the process that naturally comes after a bat exclusion, this is where a high powered vacuum is brought in and the guano is sucked thru a hose and blown into a contaminated materials bag. This is a very dirty job!

Animal Control Solution OWNS all the equipment to perform this job quickly and efficiently! You should always make sure a company that is doing this type of work in your home has the correct equipment to do it correctly. We have seen companies use snow shovels to get rid of bat guano, this is very unsanitary and unhealthy for you as a homeowner.

Norfolk, VA Bat Inspection/Study

Bat inspections or Surveys are performed by one of our Bat Standards Certified professionals in a timely manner, we can usually get these done for you in a day or so after you places the call into our office. There is a charge for this service, but that charge is refunded to you at the time the work is performed at your home. We can often times get these services mentioned above covered by you homeowners insurance, Give us a call today to find out how!

We are your Norfolk, VA bat removal professionals!